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The Truth About Bed Bugs

The Truth About Bed Bugs

Almost everyone has heard the saying "do not let the bed bugs bite." Question is that do bed bugs exist? The answer is yes, and they do bite.

Believe it or not, bed bugs are insects that feed on human blood. They also feed on other warm-blooded animals. Their bites are not felt immediately. They are nocturnal insects and can live in both tropical and temperate climates. They are attracted to body heat and carbon dioxide. You can also click at to hire bed bug professionals.

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That would be worse. Bed bugs are equipped with two hollow tubes for blood extraction. One tube injects saliva and the other sucks the blood of the human body.

The bites cause itching sensation that can linger and cause infections of the skin. Insomnia and stress is a common reaction to the bites. These bites can cause sleep disturbances since itching is felt. They can dig into the skin and leave some unpleasant red marks.

What attracts these pesky little bugs? Unclean room may be the number one cause, but there are other causes as well. For example, bed bugs are often found in areas where birds or mammals have nests.

They can easily be transferred from animals to human homes. Looking at pictures of people who have been bitten can be an eye-opener to the realities of this problem. If you or someone you know has bed bugs, you need to know the facts.

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