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Guide For Beginner’s To Sparring

Guide For Beginner’s To Sparring

Sparring is an essential part of the training program of any amateur or professional fighter. Punch bags and focusing buffers are okay to develop timing, power, technique and physical condition, but they are not hit back!

A sparring partner is necessary to learn the true actions and reactions of an opponent. Your boxing coach will tell you when you are ready for sparring, it will be when your boxing education really begins. You can also buy best sparing gloves from companies such as

There are two levels of sparring, sparring and sparring open body. two levels should be monitored at all times by a competent coach.


The next step of punching bags is the sparring body, this is where the boxers can hit the bottom of the neck to the waist. Although no head contact is allowed, it is recommended that both boxers wear protective equipment in case of stray punches – A good Headguard (leather), mouthguard, no protective guard / groin foul and gloves sparring 16 ounces

This method of sparring is a great way for the conditioning of the body and mind to reduce the fear of being hit and hit someone too. You will stay at that level until your coach thinks you're ready to move to open sparring.


Open sparring is where punches to the body and head are allowed. As with the sparring body, all protective equipment must be worn. Your first sparring session must be controlled very, remember that you are still learning and you should not try to beat your sparring partner.


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