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Gun Training That Makes A Difference

Gun Training That Makes A Difference

I went to a local shooting range for the first time this weekend with a fellow front sight pupil. We went to practice our active control and shooting pace, review together what we learned in the gun training faculty, and help coach each other by analyzing our shooting methods. 

The end result of this trip was that the remarkable power of firearms training was, once again, proven to us. If you want to get more information about the firearm training visit,

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As front sight pupils, gun safety and proper gun handling are essentially second nature to both of us. I was not there for his gun training, but I know personally, the gun training instructors at front sight spent hours perfecting my shooting posture, improving my trigger control and getting my bullets to strike exactly where I wanted them to. It was no surprise to me when my first two bullets struck about four millimeters in the bullseye of the target. 

I guess front sight loathed me. I learned every aspect of gun training from the instructors at the front sight. It is all normal for me today. And you know what? We were easily the best two shooters on the range.

The first thing I discovered was everybody's shooting stance. It disturbs me to see such shaky stances. The girl a few individuals down was pumped backward every time she shot her pistol. I took a shot.

Can I feel the least bit off balance? Nope. I finished my shots with my gun pointed at my goal and my attention still on the front sight. My friend commented later that nothing moved when I took it. 


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