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Tips For Meeting a Casting Company

Tips For Meeting a Casting Company

The acting life is one that requires constant readiness and the ability to go with the flow. You`ll need to be prepared for anything that could come up, if you really want to work. Meeting with a casting model company is one of the most valuable things you can do in your career as an actor and it`s important to make a good impression. So, what should you do? We have put together some tips to help you out.

What to Wear

Perhaps one of the most stressful part of preparing for an open casting call is figuring out what to wear, because it`s not specific. Keep in mind that they will see who you are, so keep it simple.

o Stick to dark, flattering colors and avoid patterns. You don`t want to divert the attention of casting directors with loud clothes.

o Go for tidy, but not too formal. Nice, dark jeans and a simple tank top or a wife beater works very well.

o Keep it fitted. Choosing appropriate clothing will let casting directors to see what your body type and this will help them decide whether you are right for their casting company.

o Be decent and avoid plunging necklines or super short skirts because it could give the wrong impression. It`s fine to play up your boldness a bit, but don`t go too far overboard.

o Bring some extras, such as pony tail holders, jackets, etc. It can be useful to change your display if required. Often the casting directors will ask you to change your display little if they have a specific role in mind.

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