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The Advantages Of A Sow Feeding Station

The Advantages Of A Sow Feeding Station

Group housing offers your sows a safe and comfortable environment. You can configure the house flexibly and it takes up less space. An added advantage is lower investment costs. 

Using electronic sow feeders, you can create a divided feeding area and automatically assign the correct dosage to each pig. The identification of individual animals offers outstanding functions for practical sow management. 

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 If you feed your animals individually according to their specific needs, you will control the cost of the feed and keep the animals in great shape. With an ESF system, you can improve animal welfare, and increase pig production. 

Every feeding station is appropriate for 60-70 sows. The sow feeding channel shows you in glimpse how much the sows have consumed and if any feed is left behind . Any necessary alterations to this feed curve can be drawn up in the area.

Overhauling an existing site or building a new one with electronic hog feed is one of the best ways to improve cost management and increase the efficiency of pig production. 

With the electronic feeding system, you can control how much feed each pig in the group pen receives by feeding each pig individually.

This automated system allows each pig to feed in a comfortable environment in its pen, reducing overall stress and improving health. With electronic feeding, you increase comfort and at the same time reduce feed losses.

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