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birth doula perth

Checkout the few Benefits of Doulas

Having a doula can provide emotional and physical support. Labor pains can be immortal through proper back massage or foot rub from your doula. She can also give you what you need to know about labor, birth, or even after delivery information. Know more about various benefits and uses of doula perth via

Thus, the doula's role is essentially to provide help to other women for them to have a mother's experience memorable. However, if you want to learn more on what doulas

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, there are other things that can sway to have a doula during childbirth. Research and studies have shown that having a doula during labor reduces the chances of getting a caesarean birth and reduce the time you spend on labor. Aside from this, the massage by your doula can release oxytocin thus reducing stress. Here is a real benefit of having a doula:

• Reduction in the use of forceps during delivery,

• The possibility of experiencing a fever after birth has decreased,

• Reduce stay of newborns in neonatal ICU,

• Increase your confidence to perform the role of your mother,

• Finally, doula help you avoid problems such as postpartum depression

Doulas can provide you with all the emotional and physical support needed you during your childbirth period. He can even give your support during the postpartum stage.