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Himalayan pink salt

Pink Himalayan Salt – What Makes It So Special?

Pink Himalayan salt is a class apart from the other three varieties. It is just plain and simple a beautiful pink. The very name itself says it all, it is a Pink Himalayan salt.

Every variety of different salt has its own unique features. Some are more transparent than others. Some are more red than others. And some come in light to dark pink shades.

But the really amazing thing about the Himalayan pink salt is that it is both translucent and opaque. No wonder these crystals even light up under a black light. Even under the light of the moon, you can see a beautiful, soft glow coming off of it.

The pink Himalayan salt also comes in a variety of beautiful colors, depending on which type you buy. You can find them in the color of yellow, green, blue, purple, or even the dazzling white. You can even find these crystals in such lovely shades as fuchsia and peach.

If you are a fan of the beautiful pink Himalayan salt, then you will not want to miss out on buying it. They are just beautiful in any color, from bright white to deep purple.

Whether you choose a crystal shaped for your salt shaker or for your wedding table, pink Himalayan salt is the perfect addition to any kitchen. It is so versatile, that you can even use it to season your food before serving them.

There are many different ways you can use pink Himalayan salt. You can sprinkle it over whatever food you want to season for your guests. There are other recipes where this wonderful pink Himalayan salt is used to give the food that special something extra.

Or you can put it in a spray bottle to use as a dip for salty chips or salted pretzels. Or you can use it to add to salads or as a topping for tomatoes and cucumbers.

Another way to use pink Himalayan salt is to dust some on your finger when you eat out at a restaurant. You can even spread it on your salad to add that bit of sparkle and color. You can also sprinkle it on sandwiches, wraps, and even fried chicken or fish.

So how do you choose the pink Himalayan salt that's right for you? Well, you can buy them in your local stores or you can purchase them online.

If you are on a budget, there are online suppliers that offer these salts at very reasonable prices. You can also purchase them at a wholesale price if you shop online.

One of the benefits of purchasing pink Himalayan salt online is that you can be able to see the size of the crystals so you know what size you should order. There are a variety of sizes available, so you know exactly what you need and how much you should order.