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Mindful communication

Do We Participate In Mind To Mind Communication?

Miracles teach us that imagination is a form of distorted vision. Ultimately, every member of God's family must return.

How can? Because the world we see around us, like Dorothy in Oz, is a picture of our projection that arises from our perception of what we think of this world. You can discover more information about skill improvement via

Do We Participate In Mind To Mind Communication?

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Can you be sure that you have the awareness to communicate with someone, even if they are far away or around the world that you are one with them through thought? Think about how sometimes parents find out what their child is doing. Do you believe that using your mind can communicate with someone faster than sending an email?

Your knowledge of the Atonement

Furthermore, miracles show us that we are a means to God. Not apart or with a life apart from Him. His life is manifest in you who is his son.

Let us not forget the goals we have set for ourselves in this world. It is more than just feeling good or our luck to win on our own. What we receive when what we declare reveals what everyone should be with us while we are in this dreamland, in seclusion, to talk, and try to understand why we are here and back.


Mankind has not yet recognized the wholeness that the Son or Son of God is really; That's one thought about God who is your divinity. Your awareness of this spiritual awakening, without feeling obliged to mention it, is your acceptance of the Atonement.