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Paint or Powder Coated Wheels? Why Powder Coated Wins Every Time

Investing in powder coated wheels can be an affordable but attractive addition. Automotive experts have long discussed the advantages and disadvantages of painting or coating wheel powder.

Here we explain why powder-coated wheels always win the game against color. You can also go to this website to get information about powder coating services in NY.

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What is powder coating?

Powder coating changes the color of wheels, covers, panels and more. It also adds extra protection. The process is time-consuming and begins by taking electronically charged pigment and resin particles and spraying the material of your choice. Due to their electrostatic properties, the particles stick to the surface.

Regardless of which part of the vehicle you are spraying on, the powder coating needs to be baked in order for the particles to mix and dry. Once the pieces are baked, you'll get a long-lasting, attractive finish.

The advantages of powder coated wheels

In addition to their unique color, powder-coated wheels offer universal protection.

As a key element in the industry, powder coating has proven to be one of the most popular painting applications. What works well with powder coatings is extending the life of the metal you are coating.

But how did that happen?

As the coating hardens, it becomes a much more durable and tougher layer. This added layer of protection can help fight corrosion, heat, wear, weather effects and everyday scratches. While it looks like a regular 2-layer paint job, the powder coat is more than it looks like at first glance.